UXF-100 "Shark"

UXF-100 aka "Shark" or as some of the air force guys called him "Big Blue" is on of the very first solar-electric multipurpose unmanned aerial vehicles capable of carrying big guns to edge of the space. UXF-100 was capable to go supersonic when it was flying as an fighter and not fully loaded, in the other hand as an multipurpose vehicle it was capable to serve as an light bomber as well capable of carrying big amount of firepower.

After the discovery of real power of Nano technology, Military and Air Force started to implement more and more of that new tech on their own vehicles, weapons and gadgets. Real sweet about this aircraft is his Nano Solar panels, capable to gather HUGE amount of solar energy in short period of time and use the same energy as an propulsion system.

UXF-100 is currently retired because often problems and failures with electronics, luckily it was just a prototype.

Ivan sevic uxf 100

UXF-100, Fighter

Ivan sevic uxf 100b

UXF-100B, Light Bomber

Ivan sevic royal australian air force f 35a lightning ii

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Ivan sevic uxf 100 wip

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